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Each bowl is unique, contact us for in stock bowls. Custom bowls available.


SCULPTURE, DINNERWARE & SERVEWARE by New Orleans artist Jaye Parrish |
Each ceramic bowl is hand crafted. Rolled out with a slab roller or large rolling pin, clay is then draped, molded, ripped and left to dry until leather hard. It is then deeply carved, sanded and burnished to refine each piece further and achieve a look of delicateness and fragility. The holes, initially accidental as a result of carving the clay too thin in some areas, are now a defining feature. Each piece is fully dipped or hand painted with several coats of creamy white gloss and/or matte glaze. Inspired by tattered antique linens, remnants and organic forms, they exhibit a juxtaposing of contrasting elements… soft and fragile in appearance, but durable ceramic on closer examination.

Medium-small bowls are a unique addition to any table when used for salad, soup, or dessert. Medium-large bowls are perfect for serving vegetables, fruit, salads, etc. Xtra-large bowls are not only sculptural statement pieces but also work well when used as large serving dishes. No two pieces are alike.

Food safe. Sold separately and in sets. Medium-small (white gloss) and medium-large bowls are sold with or without holes depending on usage and preference. (Medium-Large bowls are also available with a pale pink gloss interior).

Medium-Small bowls: approximately 9″ x 10-12″ x 3″ D
Gloss or Matte: $110

Medium-Large serving bowls: approximately 13″ x 13″ x  5″D
Gloss or Matte: $430

Large Bowls: up to 26″ x 28″ x 6-7″D
Gloss or Matte:$1996